Thursday, July 2, 2009

A Day at the Park

We went to the park and I was the only one who was not a girl. I started thinking to myself, "why are girls always at these parks?" My dad is never there. I also thought to myself, "what if the girls weren't here? I didn't know what it would be like. Maybe it would be happy...or maybe deep down I would actually be sad."

Then when I got on the swing, I thought to myself, "can I make that jump?" because there was wood chips and cement surrounding before the grass. I didn't try, but I jumped half way. Then for some odd reason, I started thinking to myself, "why is that cement there?" and then I got thinking, and of course, to make sure the woodchips didn't fall out "why are the woodchips there?" to cover up the dirt of course, "but why is the dirt there?" then I remembered for worms. And then I thought, "I wish I could get worms." But then some boys who came started heading for the baseball diamond so I took my tennis ball and we started playing hand baseball.

The object of the game is a pitcher throws it to you and the "hitter" catches the ball and throws it. Then the "hitter" runs the bases and you can't stop at a base, so you have to run the whole way. My sister had me cornered at 2nd base and I thought, "maybe I could go through her legs." Then I told her to spread her feet apart, but of course she didn't believe me, so I came closer and she started chasing me. She came after me, I am a little bit faster than her, and I made it to second, then I'm trying to go to third she threw the ball at me and missed and I thought, "I'm gonna make it. I can't believe I'm gonna make it." Then when I touched home we had to go. And we ran out of water, so we had to drive to Walgreens and on the way there, I was like, "where the heck are we going?" Then we were in Walgreens, I thought "why is it called Walgreens? cause the walls are not green!"

When we bought the water we went to my dad's office. Then we went to my dad's work site and we saw elephants. Then, after we saw the elephants we went home and watched Wipe out!
Then we went to bed and that's the end.

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